Padova - Cagliari

Conceiving and designing new technological solutions for human progress

Novaeka creates new products and processes for its clients.

Our goal is to become a partner of choice of those companies willing to design and produce challenging technologies.

Novaeka provides an integrated service that supports the customer from the feasibility study up to the industrialization of the product and beyond.

Novaeka's main market is aerospace, in the upstream and downstream sectors. We strongly believe in this market, in its propulsive, physical and structural variations. Novaeka is present in the cooling market by forming innovative mathematical models to manage and refine energy use while improving performance. The manufacturing market useful for social progress is an interesting test bed for our team to transfer research to the product or service.

Novaeka’s team is diverse.

Physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering disciplines are the skills of our company.

All blended with the experience of research management and its technology transfer, including in the economic and financial fields. Ready to accelerate what is still embryonic. We are called to explore atypical solutions in the contexts of air, water, soil and space.

Each profile is carefully researched, each member of the team is dedicated to the corporate mission.

Novaeka is based in Padua and an office in Cagliari.