Europe’s largest rocket engine test facility was designed by Novaeka

We are currently operating in Europe, and competing for the USA

We design and build test benches for satellites in Europe

Novaeka has its own facility to assemble the benches and breadboards it designs

Our Mission

Be a team of professionals who stand out and create valuable engineering solutions for complex systems

Provide a complete service, supporting the customer from the feasibility study to the product ready for use

Why Novaeka?

Compared to traditional engineering companies, Novaeka is


Extensive expertise on the design of ground systems for satellites and test benches for rocket engines


Continuous interaction with clients to avoid dead time


Design processes tailored for every client

Software Oriented

Automate time consuming work and focus on the real value


The study of new solutions and processes is a must in our work

One of a kind

We design unconventional systems using unconventional methods


  • Aerospace engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Mathematical models of physical systems
  • Software
Our company is certified ISO 9001:2015 Looking at ISO 9100

Our path


Novaeka starts as an engineering company, providing its capabilities to its clients for the development of heterogeneous projects

Reaching orbit

Thanks to its multi-disciplinary team, Novaeka becomes a design company providing high value solutions to its clients

Novaeka is certified ISO 9001

Cruising phase

Novaeka is recognized as technical leader in test benches for rocket engines, working for italian and european clients

To infinity, and beyond

Novaeka will be prime contractor for ambitious projects working to deliver finished products, not only design services

Novaeka aims to earn the certification UNI EN 9100