Rocket Engine Test Benches

Rocket Engine Test Benches

Novaeka has designed several test benches for liquid rocket engines.

In the first few experiences Novaeka task was to design the hydraulic systems of the test bench. This included the definition of the testing procedures, P&ID, complete simulation of the test bench, 3D CAD, datasheets of commercial components, isometric drawings and design justification documents.

Recently Novaeka was chosen as prime contractor for these kind of projects, thus being responsible also for the civil works design and permitting documentation (environmental analysis).

Now Novaeka is competing to be general contractor for a test bench in Sardinia (Italy) and will be responsible for building the entire test facility.

Core part rendering of the SPFT facility in Perdasdefogu (Sardinia, Italy).
SPTF Rendering
Rendering of High Altitude Test Facility to be used inside the SPFT test bench to reproduce the low atmospheric pressure during an engine test on the ground.
HATF rendering